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Episodes Family Guy Release year: This season, Peter discovers he has a vestigial twin, the Griffins take on Grimms' fairy tales and Cleveland returns to Quahog with his new family.

Finders Keepers 22m When Peter spies what he believes to be a treasure map hidden on a restaurant placemat, the whole town comes down with a serious case of gold fever.

Vestigial Peter 22m A suspicious lump on Peter's neck turns out to be Chip, his vestigial twin, whose winning personality drives Peter toward amputation. Quagmire's Quagmire 22m When Quagmire becomes the sex slave of an overzealous woman, it's up to Peter, Joe and Quagmire's transgender mother to free him from bondage. A Fistful of Meg 22m A new kid at school -- nicknamed "Mental Mike" -- makes plans to beat up Meg after she accidentally spills her lunch on him.

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But becoming Italians makes returning home far more difficult. Life of Brian 22m Brian dies in a tragic car accident.

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But with Stewie's time machine utterly destroyed, it's impossible to go back and change history. Christmas Guy 22m Still mourning the loss of Brian, Stewie works out a way to change the past.

Meanwhile, Peter tries to get his father-in-law to like Christmas. Peter Problems 22m When Peter loses his job and becomes a stay-at-home dad while Lois goes to work, it leads to unexpected problems in the bedroom. Brian's a Bad Father 22m Brian exploits his estranged human son's status as a television star to further his own writing career.

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Peter shoots Quagmire on a hunting trip. Mom's the Word 22m When his mom passes away, Peter grows closer to her longtime friend, Evelyn -- then becomes monplatin ránctalanító krém object of Evelyn's ardent affections. Fresh Heir 22m When Carter names Chris his sole heir, a desperate Peter goes to surprising lengths to suck up to him and reap the rewards of the family fortune.

Secondhand Spoke 22m Soon after he starts smoking, Peter is approached by an advertising executive to be the face of an anti-smoking campaign.

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Harpe the Love Sore 22m Brian gives Stewie herpes. Meanwhile, Peter and his friends are forced to fight anti aging center west haven their favorite booth at the Drunken Clam.

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The Most Interesting Man in the World 22m After Peter brings the wrong baby home from the park, he vows to become more responsible so that Lois doesn't think he's an idiot. Meg Stinks! Brian must live in the wild after he's sprayed by a skunk.

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He's Bla-Ack! But a rift between their wives puts their friendship on hold. Chap Stewie 22m Fed up with being a Griffin, Stewie alters the past to change his present. But he winds up being born into a British household a-la "Downton Abbey.

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The Simpsons Guy: Part 1 22m The Griffins travel to Springfield, where they are greeted by friendly stranger Homer Simpson, who welcomes his new "albino" friends with open arms. Book of Joe 22m Peter helps Joe realize his dream of publishing a book, but then takes over as author; Brian exercises to experience a euphoric runner's high. Baking Bad 22m Lois and Peter go into business together and open a cookie store, but things get messy when Peter comes up with his own plan to get more customers.

Brian the Closer 22m Brian's cosmetic surgery leads him down a new career path as a real estate agent, which gets him into trouble with Quagmire. Turkey Guys 22m On the eve of Thanksgiving, Brian and Anti aging center west haven drunkenly devour the holiday bird and try to replace it; Chris attempts to become the man of the house.

The Year-Old Virgin 22m After running into Jesus at the mall, Peter discovers that the son of God is still a virgin and enlists his friends in trying to anti aging center west haven his status.

This Little Piggy 22m Meg is thrilled to be recruited as a model, but the job turns out to be for the foot-fetish industry; Brian joins Stewie on an open-road adventure. Quagmire's Mom 22m When Peter opens a checking account, he discovers that his first name is actually Justin, which prompts him to throw his younger alter ego a party.

Encyclopedia Griffin 22m Peter, Quagmire, Joe and Cleveland form a detective agency and make a stunning discovery; Lois has mixed feelings about Chris and his new girlfriend. JOLO 22m Peter becomes a hero for accidentally finding a missing boy; wanting to live life to the fullest, Joe quits his job and takes his pals on a road trip.

Once Bitten 22m When Brian attends obedience school and becomes submissive, Peter misses his feisty old pal; Chris makes a new friend who has ulterior motives. Roasted Guy 22m After Peter's friends "roast" him, his feelings are hurt, and he befriends a group of mean girls whom Lois thinks are gossiping behind his back.

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Fighting Irish 22m Peter tries to prove his claim that he would beat Liam Neeson in a fight; Stewie gets jealous when Lois pays more attention to other kids. Take My Wife 22m Peter is surprised when the vacation Lois booked turns out to be a marriage counseling retreat; Carter tries to part the kids from their electronics.

Release year: Baby Stewie becomes the sole breadwinner of the dysfunctional Griffin family, and a variety of famous guest voices add star power to this season.

In a battle of TV chefs, it's Peter versus Quagmire. Stewie makes friends with Tom Cruise to find out what it's like to be short.

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Guy, Robot 22m Stewie dumps Brian to build a new robot best friend, then the robot decides Stewie isn't his sort. Lois gets the better of Peter in a mattress war.

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Peternormal Activity 22m The guys take a trip to the old Quahog Asylum for inspiration for the horror film they want to write. Stewie has had it with Brian's pretentiousness. Now he has to stop Chris from making the same mistakes.

Peter's Sister 22m On Thanksgiving, everything's ruined for Peter when his long-estranged, bullying sister Karen turns up -- until a masked stranger comes to his rescue. Hot Pocket-Dial 22m Quagmire confesses his love for Lois, not realizing he pocket dialed Peter first.


Peter's furious at Lois, prompting Brian to step in and help. Brokeback Swanson 22m The guys can't cope when Joe becomes a quadriplegic.

Brian's one-night stand gets complicated when the woman's husband thinks he's the new family dog. A Shot in the Dark 22m Peter takes his duties on the community watch a bit too seriously and shoots someone climbing into a house. Cleveland accuses Peter of a hate crime.

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Candy, Quahog Marshmallow 22m After the guys find a tape of a Korean soap opera starring Quagmire they have to fly to Korea to find the final episode. Quagmire meets an old flame. The Peanut Butter Kid 22m The Griffins' finances get a major boost when Stewie becomes a sensation in a peanut butter commercial.

Stewie then sees the downside of stardom. Scammed Yankees 22m When Peter and his father-in-law fall for an email scam there's only one way to get their money back: go to Africa. Brian goes after Meg's hot friend.

An App a Day 22m Peter's love for useless középkorú első svájci anti aging jelentés leads him to upgrade his phone and give the old one to Chris, who gets bad texting advice.

Az előadások a következő témára: "Vese-mese, avagy fontos és érdekes tények, gondolatok?! Louvre Museum, Paris.

Stewie joins a tennis club. Underage Peter 22m The town's drinking has gotten so out of hand the mayor raises the drinking age to Peter's mortified until realizing Brian's over 50 in dog years. Stewie needs Brian's over-the-top help to stop his bad dreams.

The Heartbreak Dog 22m Brian and Bonnie fall in love and run away together.

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When Meg gets sticky fingers doing community service at a retirement home, Chris wants a take. Take a Letter 22m Stewie meets some rich friends in private school. While working at the post office Lois comes across an undelivered letter from Peter to an old flame. Peter tries to help an aging news anchor get his job back. Stewie goes camping with One Direction.

Chris is voted homecoming king. Road to India 22m Stewie and Brian travel to India to find Brian's latest love, a tech anti aging center west haven worker. Joe's bingo nights are ruined when Peter becomes the bingo king. Release year: Brian and Stewie go into business together, Peter busts crime, Meg tries roller derby and Lois learns a shocking truth.

The Anti aging center west haven in the Band 22m Chris gets a job managing Quagmire's romantic exploits. Meanwhile, Stewie and Brian form a children's band.

Bookie of the Year 22m Chris surprises everyone by actually being good at baseball.

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Stewie, Brian and Frank Sinatra Jr. American Gigg-Olo 22m A strike at the airport inspires Quagmire to look into a new line of work. After getting booted from Peter's health plan, Brian gets a job. Inside Family Guy 22m The one and only James Woods offers a tongue-in-cheek, behind-the-scenes look at what goes into producing an episode of "Family Guy.

Meanwhile, Peter experiences life as an Uber driver. They then convince the rest of town to do the same.