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Matra Resort - Senior Living

The Matra Resort senior holiday homes and permanent senior homes are operated by one group of companies and offer various services at the same time. Permanent leisure services are available in our senior apartments located in our residence, and you can enjoy our short-term services in our guest houses.

Elderly care and rehabilitation services are provided by our renowned experts in our separated villas that were built specifically for this purpose.

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All our buildings are situated in the spectacular locations of Parádsasvár, in an exceptional environment. Who are the operators of Matra Resort? Marta Resort is a private company, developed by internationally acknowledged professionals and partner organizations.

The company was founded inand from the beginning, we have been working in close connection with Hungarian and international corporations and professional partners. During our activities, we have participated in several international researches, and as a result, our activities aout 2022 suisse anti aging services are continuously monitored by representatives of various EU and North-American organizations monitor our activities.

aout 2022 suisse anti aging

Is there a minimum age limit at Matra Resort? We recommend a minimum age of 60 to join our community. Our senior leisure resorts are primarily recommended to active, health-conscious and self-reliant residents, who will receive hotel-like services and lead an independent lifestyle at Matra Resort.

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Our senior care homes provide various services focusing on rehabilitation, tailor-made services and the development of physical and mental health. Matra Resort primarily offers long-term yrs.

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Within the frameworks of our specially developed anti-aging and health improvement programs — which focus on slowing down the biological processes of aging — there is special emphasis on maintaining physical health, movement and balancing coordination, and mental trainings that aim to nurture mental fitness. Our facilities in Parádsasvár also offer water cure therapies with medicinal waters and herbs, hydrotherapeutic treatments and various free-time and community programs.

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Our residents can enjoy a discount on the services of our external partners e. Can I move into the apartments permanently? The facilities of Matra Resort in a picturesque natural environment were developed to accommodate an active community. Every occupant can decide on the time of their moving into their apartments.

It is also possible to reserve your place and move in later, at a time most convenient for you. After securing your place with us, there is no additional monthly payment for your reservation. It is your decision to invest in your secure future; contact us for a personalized offer with guarantees.

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How much will it cost to move in to one of your apartments? Our apartments are of various sizes, accommodating one or two persons. The cost of your moving in residence right depends on your specific preferences. After securing your place with us, we legjobb öregedésgátló tisztítószer 2022 a range of monthly packages at different rates.

aout 2022 suisse anti aging

The price of these service packages depends on whether the apartment will be your primary or secondary place of residence, and if you would like to move in permanently. The single payment for your residence right covers your life-long use of your selected apartment, while the monthly payments include a minimum fee depending on your demands and the price of your chosen optional services e.

Your monthly can be down- or upgraded at any time, according to your needs. Additional health improvement services and programs supporting successful aging are also available at Matra Resort; we are planning to provide these free of charge for our residents.

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What types of services I am entitled as a resident of Matra Resort? Beyond the basic residence rights, we several programs and basic services await all our members.

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We offer tailor-made programs, treatments and health services that require special supervision or external experts — these sessions are available at extra cost upon your request. Residents of Matra Resort are encouraged to lead a lifestyle most fit to their personal needs; this of course includes the possibility of employment and entrepreneurship as well.

Whatever your free-time passion may be: from writing to painting or any other form of art, you can be sure that it will be supported at your new home. It is also important to note that all residents of Matra Resort are entitled to participate in all activities, programs and services organized at the premises or at any other institution of our business group. Are the apartments available for all genders?

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It is absolutely your decision - our double apartments are available for family members, relatives and friends. In these cases, we recommend mixed residency, and we are open to any other individual requests as well.

Pléh Csaba Abstract Background and aims Descriptions of compulsive buying often emphasize the roles of negative moods and trait impulsivity in the development of problematic buying habits. Trait impulsivity is sometimes treated as a unidimensional trait in compulsive buying research, but recent factor analyses suggest that impulsivity consists of multiple components that are probably best treated as independent predictors of problem behavior. In order to draw greater attention to the role of positive moods in compulsive buying, in this study we tested whether negative urgency the tendency to act rashly while in negative moods and positive urgency the tendency to act rashly while in positive moods account for similar amounts of variance in compulsive buying.

Can I bring my pet? Small pets are allowed in our single apartments. In addition, there is a petting zoo and park in the vicinity of Matra Resort, where animal therapy services are available.

Can I accommodate my visitors and family members? After moving in, residents are free to welcome any visitors. Your guests are welcome at our programs free of charge, and they can enjoy a discount on our catering and other services.

For your overnight visitors, guesthouse services are available nearby our residences.

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Aout 2022 suisse anti aging are the residents from? We welcome our guests from worldwide; however, the majority of our international residents are from the EU, primarily from Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Germany. Matra Resort is located approximately 90 aout 2022 suisse anti aging by car from both Budapest and Debrecen airports.

aout 2022 suisse anti aging

What happens after I move in? Are there any hospitals or medical facilities nearby? To be able to provide you the best quality services, we believe that the complex review of your health status and a consultation is necessary. Based on your current health status, your physician will create personalized recommendations for your successful and active senior days. Beyond the local health services, the Parádfürdő state hospital only 5 km away and the Matra Health Institution 10 km away provide additional medical services if necessary.

Other central hospital services are available in Gyöngyös 20kmEger 35 km and Hatvan 40km. Is it necessary to personally visit Parádsasvár to receive my personalized offer and contract?


After submitting your contact request via our website, you are welcome to visit us any time upon booking an appointment with us, and we are more than happy to prepare your contract in advance. On your request, our colleagues are also available to visit you at a time and place convenient for you. Contact information Your interest in buying one of our apartments is a privilege for us. Please fill the form below — our colleagues will get back to you with detailed information soon!