Transcendent Wisdom by Dalai Lama XIV

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    This chapter, named 'Transcendent Wisdom,' sets forth the Centrist, or Madhyamika view of Buddhist philosophy in the context of other Buddhist and non-Buddhist views.

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    From a Western perspective it is philosophical in content; yet it has a definite religious tone to it, and it also belongs to a contemplative discipline that presents empirical means for testing its conclusions. The text is accompanied by a translation from spoken Tibetan of an oral commentary presented by H.

    This commentary was delivered before an assembly of roughly a thousand Tibetans and a few score Westerners, and it clearly assumes some background in Buddhist philosophy on the part of the listeners.

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    The 'Transcendent Wisdom' chapter of Shantideva's classic treatise is known among Buddhist scholars as a challenging and profound exposition of the pinnacle of Buddhist philosophy. Hopefully this translation will further elucidate this text for those seeking an understanding of the Buddhist Centrist view and its relevance to contemporary thought.

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    He has since learned how to speak to a wider audience and has challenged the patriarchal views he clearly still had at the time of this teaching.