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What we are doing for You! This will be available through the MPM website, and the specific QR codes on the new packaging will ensure that the user friendly process for replacement of the ATF etc will ensure that the technician can carry out the manufacturers approved process for the maintenance of the said system.

No other oil supplier offers this online service, and thanks to the QR code on the new MPM-packing the right car and correct fit for purpose product is quickly selected.

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The online manual dfi anti aging vélemények leads the technician through a step by step in-depth detailed process to carry out the maintenance regime of the transmission system. An example from our coming online manual: 'Make sure the vehicle is level, put the gear in the P, let the engine run idling for two minutes, step on the brake and then select all gears, seven times, hold for ten seconds in every gear, turn the automatic transmission in P, check the fluid temperature 80 °C.

The manual will also explain how the technician can reset the computer maintenance codes also. In turn this will enable the Universal or independent outlet to increase its operating profits by enabling them to carry out the necessary maintenance regimes, and not turning business away to the Main dealers through the lack of knowledge or training on the new auto transmission systems.

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On top of this, efficiency of the vehicle will also suffer resulting in loss of performance; such as MPG, ride comfort etc. So the time to serve the market with two or three ATF products is in the past, and as for products that are labeled as multi-vehicle universal are no longer applicable and are not fit for purpose gt fehérítő krém anti aging antioxidánssal they actually are the spec for the individual vehicle.

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MPM dfi anti aging vélemények 'Moving things forward', and we want to help you to be able to supply the correct products that are fit for the application in hand.

The reason for our wide range of ATF products is dfi anti aging vélemények a direct result to meet the requirements of the current automotive OEM manufacturers servicing requirements.

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With our pro active approach, we have excellent relationships with various OEM suppliers which allow us to bring you the products required that are not readily available outside of the main dealer networks. In addition, we are informed of any manufacturer products which may supercede current specified products and will update and inform you immediately of this.

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The ingredients of a modern day ATF are very complex and bespoke to a certain transmission system. Numerous factors have to be taken into consideration for example; thermal stability, anti-foaming, anti-emulsion formation, noise reduction and extended drain intervals.

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On top of this, specific additives enable the ATF to filter out any particles such as dirt and metal particles from the system which are caused by wear and may reduce the life and efficiency of the transmission itself. What happens to your ATF over time. Your transmission whilst running on a daily basis operates at a very high temperature, and under heavy loads.


Over time, Oxygen reacts with certain parts of the ATF oil blend, and makes the fluid more unstable at a molecular level. This causes what is known in the industry as 'polymerization' i.

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To ensure the efficiency of the system and to maintain its manufacturer specified life, then the system needs to have the ATF changed with the correct product which is in line with the manufacturer requirements and maintenance schedule. This will alleviate any failures in the system due to incorrect, or not fit for purpose products being installed.

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What are the symptoms of an expired ATF? Automatic transmissions efficiency is affected over time by ATF naturally thickening as it carry out what it has been designed to do within the gearbox. Main symptoms of the ATF not carrying out its designed function are speed-shifting is more difficult, the gearbox resonates and vibrates and may make unfamiliar noises, and the car idles irregularly, the transmission switches more slowly from R- to D-drive and vice versa, and the gear changes are not as smooth as they should be.

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Often is thought that the brake bands within the gearbox are worn, but this is not the case, but mostly it's a matter of contaminated or life expired ATF, which have allowed the brake bands to loose grip.

This is not necessarily a mechanical problem, because by simply replacing the ATF, the problem is solved. In some extreme cases, the vibrations can become so bad that it can cause major internal bearing failures in the gearbox.

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Stop loosing business to Main Dealers. To enable the outlet to service modern ATF systems do not involve a major investment by the garage.

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The tools, plugs, adapters, tubing and, if special tools are required, they can then be sourced cheaply from numerous sources. Cars with automatic transmissions are becoming more popular and also cars with DSG transmissions have now reached the age that end users are turning to universal garages for servicing.

So opportunities are a plenty.

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By ensuring that the garages can offer a full maintenance regime for individual vehicles and with the current economic climate, the independent and universal garages can increase their client base and increase turn over and increased customer satisfaction.