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Their family archive, which has been expanded throughout eight centuries, contains about medieval pre documents and another almost 8, from the fur- ther centuries up to the beginning of the twentieth. As for the medieval ones, may be considered quite a huge number, considering the rather unfavorable conditions of preservation of documentary sources from med­ ieval Transylvania.

The History of The Wass de Czege Family

In accordance with their wishes, this spelling — Czege — has been employed in the title of this work. However, in accordance with the consensus in current scholarship, the alternative spelling — Cege — has been employed throughout the text.

Good: Hangulatos szèp tiszta környezet. Kiváló Konditerem és welness. Ez picit zavaró a nyugodt reggelizes folyamatában.

All dates figuring on the family trees annexed to the book — if not followed by other source-references — refer to medieval documents belonging to the Wass family archive, and the Roman numerals are notations of other documents from the Modern Age of the same archive.

The documents to be referred to enable us to settle the order of the descent and establish the relationships inside the kinship. Gina firmature anti aging will be used — unless they have well-known English equivalents — in their medieval and modern Hungarian variants, even though most of the story of the Wass is played out in an area that is now part of Romania.

Thus the Hungarian variant is the one that has become widely known and used by historical scholarship.

Selected Studies of Eugene Csocsán de Várallja

Medieval and modern variants in other languages including the present-day official namescan be found in the gazetteer on p. However, its later fate is still unknown. The Transylvanian Museum Society considered it one of its most ur- gent duties to assemble a collection of medieval Transylvanian charters, and in order to achieve this purpose it joined forces in the s with the Transylvanian Institute of Sciences Erdélyi Tudományos Intézet also working at Kolozsvár.

No edition of a complete collection of Transylvanian records was possible at that stage of the work; therefore the most adequate solution seemed to be the pub- lishing of the material by individual family archives.

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In accordance with this resolution the publishing of materials belonging to the definitive- ly organized collections was planned. Not only was this project destined for advancing the scientific research based on archival material, but it was also wished by it that the appreciation of the scientific world might gina firmature anti aging ex- pressed towards those families who deposited their documents in the col- lection of the Museum Society.

Szállodánk vendégeinek értékelései

The planned volumes would have con- tained the history of the relevant archives, and, in order to facilitate the Society is denied at present, these being preserved in the National Archives Cluj County Branch Kolozsvár.

It was also published in Jakó, Jelentés23— See also Entz, Wass. It was planned that this part of the archive be transferred to Kolozsvár, but — prob- ably because of the war — the plan was not accomplished.

It has not been dis- patched yet, but we will surely be able to keep in our safe custody these documents, which represent a very important addition to the already deposited Wass family ar- chive.

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There would also have been compiled a repertory of the material, including correspondence; most importantly from our point of view, it would have contained the Hungarian abstract of each and every medieval charter. Each archive would have been presented in a separate volume, but according to the same principles.

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Right after the very first issue the whole series came to a halt because of an altered pol­ itical situation, starting at the end of World War II. The ab- stracts of the above-mentioned medieval material of the Wass archive were made — in accordance with a methodological practice somewhat dif- ferent from the one adopted nowadays — by the retired classical scholar, and former head of the University Library of Kolozsvár, Antal Valentiny —in the s.

Dr Antal Valentiny, retired Director of the University Library, carries out with enthu- siasm and devotion this very tiring task, which needs considerable practice in diplomat- ics as well.

His precise abstracts will be indispensable for the researchers of our archives, just as the abstracts of the basic collection made by our first librarian, Károly Szabó, are in the present day. The Museum Society — which had been liquidated by communist authorities after World War II, but reconstituted itself in — decided to finish the long-planned work and publish the results.

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The processing of the Wass family archive resulted in a huge amount of data concerning the history of the family. The Wass archive is act­ ually one of the richest and most coherent of all the surviving archives of Transylvanian noble families, and thus offers a great opportunity for family history writing.

Hú – légballon

The history of medieval Transylvanian society should be founded on family histories;11 nevertheless, the subject is very little dealt with. A booklet appeared in Romanian on the Wass family archive, but it does not contain medieval charters. Arhive familiale [Family archives], no. Journal of Central European History. It has to be mentioned that a number of charters of the Wass archive have been used by scientific research since the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, although in order to protect property rights it was expected that these be kept out of publicity.

In his work he copied in full the text of 27 medieval char- ters and that of 18 from the modern age.

Time Out Budapest -- 3/2012

Several copies were made of the manuscript, and thus the charters became accessible to other con- temporary researchers too. On the other hand, it is not at all un­likely that direct access to the documents of the family archive was poss- ible as well.

Although establishing the filiation of copies is not possible without systematic research work, several copy collections that contain handwritten copies of medieval charters belonging to the Wass archive must be mentioned.

Şincai included the text of 24 medieval documents gina firmature anti aging Pál Engel, Magyar középkori adattár.

Nagyboldogasszony plébánia

Magyarország világi archontológiája — For example, in vol. Some medieval documents of the archive appeared in print, edited by György Pray —István Katona —György Fejér — and Gina firmature anti aging Wenczel — ,20 but the main part of the medieval material was presented to evelyn guzman anti aging krémek professionals by the jurist and historian Farkas Deák — The Diplomatarium Transsilvanicum vol.

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Georgii mart. Aurel Răduţiu drew my attention to this charter; hereby I thank him for that. The above-mentioned works: Georgius Pray, ed. Schvlzii, Typ. Georgius Fejér Buda: Typogr. Regiae Universitatis Ungaricae, —tom. I—XI, 40 vols; Gusztáv Wenzel, ed.

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This constituted the main part of their correspondence. See WassArch, no.

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WassArch, no. It is most probable that several diplomas got lost because of the lendings for example, HOkl ; Ub, vol. Cartularies of nation- al or regional extension that appeared after the Hazai oklevéltár contain a larger amount of texts from this archive. First of all, its relatively rich medieval pre material makes the Wass family archive really outstanding; furthermore, the rest, concern- ing the modern era — in spite of the serious losses unequally shared as concerns the material of the individual branches that it had to bear at different times — still can provide enough data for tracing the history of the kindred.

Obviously, the main source of family history after re- mains the Wass family archive, although completed with documents pre- served in several other collections, such as that of Ottília Wass —and the fidei-commissary archive of the Jósika family.

See also WassArch, no. Trotzdem werden euer Wohlgeboren doch im Stande sein, ihre historiken Studien erledige zu können. Wir haben im Archiv auch glaube ich 3 ungarische Arpadiana.