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The importance of the information content of these movements frequently representing deeper, e.


Think about e. However, methods that are really suitable for the quantitative study of these motions have either been developed only recently, or are now in the process of being developed. Presently the two main methodological focuses of our research activities are to study human body movements also affected voluntarily by actigraphy, and an internal movement that is practically uncontrollable voluntarily, the continuous changes in pupil size by video-pupillography.

The actigraph usually is a wrist-wearable watch-sized device that is capable of recording movement activities for a relatively long period of time for several days or weeksand the collected time-activity data can be transferred into a computer for the purpose of analysis. Actograms carry a lot of information about the biological clock, daily routine, jet lag and various psychiatric disorders.

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Some of their characteristics are already routinely used in medical therapy, but the complex structure of actograms is still mostly unexplored. The reason for this paradox is that while Fourier analysis, the main tool used for the evaluation of actograms, is effective in revealing periodic components, it fails to analyse stochastic events—resulting in fluctuations—that seem to be prevalent on the ultradian scale Fig.

Figure 1: A Activity recording of a typical day. B Integral function of the curve vastag szemüveglencse A It is a key question in life sciences whether the stochastic dynamics of physiological rhythms are an essential feature for their function, or they are either simple consequences of environmental fluctuations or associated with certain malfunctions.

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Our aim is to find and characterize some new, general features in human physical activity patterns that are expected to shed more light on the nature of complex physiological processes underlying activity signals. Figure 2: Probabilities of the appearance of different pupil diameters as a function of time during an minute pupillographic sleepiness test in the case of an alert and a sleepy subject.

Both of these main methods were able to find and show differences between healthy state and the one accompanying affective disorder depression.

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Both of these methods are extremely suitable for the measurement of alertness, which is presently hardly measurable by other objective methods. Using actigraphy, we have proved and characterized the appearance of a higher order structure of human daily activity.

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Figure 3 shows the result of a statistical analysis of the spikes in Fig. It is apparent that there are two characteristic slopes of this function, corresponding to the two peaks in the pdf. During the active periods average activities are similar, and centered to a higher value right peak monami anti aging vélemények Fig.

In other words, on this time scale the human physical activity is quasi-binary: it is distributed such that well-defined bursts are followed by passive periods. This novel finding, generally characteristic of all cases studied, is expected to inspire new mathematical models of human monami anti aging vélemények activity.

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Although video-pupillography is a relatively rapidly performable experimental method, we have used it successfully in darkness for the detection of changes of alertness due to natural reasons e. In our laboratories, unconventional methods e.

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Several new methods are under development or are being currently introduced into practice. PDFs were calculated from these averaged values. Data are shown for some characteristic box lengths between 1 and minutes distinguished by different colours.

Curves in A and B are obtained from the original recordings and the scrambled control, respectively.

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Note that an explicit depression is built up in the middle of the curve by increasing box size, persisting for box lengths of several hours. The meaning of this feature becomes obvious when we take a look at the integral function of the daytime activity trace of an Our methods are suitable for achieving a better understanding and characterization of human behaviour, with respect to its temporal organization and pathological alterations.

The effects of drugs on the brain can be studied, their transport into and elimination from the brain can be monitored by these methods.

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