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Guinea national football team The Guinea national football team is the national team of Guinea, managed by the Fédération Guinéenne de Football.

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The national eleven bears the nickname Syli Nationale. Their best result is the silver medal at the African Nations Cup, they have not yet made it to the World Cup. History Early years The Guinean national football team played its first international match against Nigeria on October 2,which ended in a defeat.

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Their debut at the African Nations Cup Qualifiers was a success: they managed to fight a draw against Nigeria away. Although the rematch in Guinea was won bythe African Football Association has endorsed the Nigerian Football Association's protest that non-neutral referees led the match, disqualifying the home team without canceling the result.

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The national team's first major success came in the qualifiers of the Summer Olympics: first Gabon was put on a lead and then Algeria was put on a two-shoulder match in an exciting back-and-forth duel, fighting for the five-ring match. The Olympics did not go as expected by Guinean public - the team finished in last place in their group despite a victory against Colombia.

Éremszerző magyar katonák az újkori olimpiai játékokon A Hadtörténeti Múzeum A tárlaton megjelenített hatvannégy sportolót két sajátosság köti össze.

The performance was unsuccessful, but it marked the first stage of a successful era. After disqualifying inthey first qualified again for the continental race in and again inwhen they achieved their best results in the World Cup qualifiers, and their national football teams delivered better than ever on the African Cup. After Afterthere was a ten-year low in Guinean football.

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This is the third time in a row since svájci labdarúgó-bajnokság 1. anti aging ranglista that they reached the quarterfinals in and The main goal of Guinean football of the present age would be to be in the World Cup, but that is yet to come.

International results African Nations Cup: Silver medal: 1 times Amilcar Cabral Cup: Gold medal: 5 times, Silver medal: 1 time Bronze medal: 4 times,World Championship - Not started.

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