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Rules governing the operations of services or documents taking the place thereof, approved by the competent authorities of Contracting Parties and published by the carrier before coming into operation, shall specify the conditions of carriage and in particular the frequency of services, timetables, faretables and the obligation to accept passengers for carriage, insofar as such conditions are not prescribed by any law or regulation.

Services by whomsoever organized, which provide for the carriage of specified categories of passengers to the exclusion of other passengers, insofar as such services are operated under the conditions specified in the first subparagraph of this definition, shall be deemed to be regular services. Article 2 Scope 1. This Agreement shall apply in the territory of each Contracting Party to all international road transport performed by any vehicle registered in the territory of the said Contracting Party or in the territory of any other Contracting Party.

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Nevertheless, a if, in the course of an international road transport operation one or more crew members do not leave the national territory in which they normally exercise their occupational svájci mentőberendezések anti aging, the Contracting Party for that territory shall be free not to apply to him or them the provisions of this Agreement; b Unless the Contracting Parties whose territory is used agree otherwise, this Agreement shall not apply to the international road transport performed by: 1.

Vehicles, used for the carriage of goods where the permissible maximum weight of the vehicle, including any trailer or semi trailer, does not exceed 3. Vehicles used for the carriage of passengers which, by virtue of their construction and equipment are suitable for carrying not more than nine persons, including the driver, and are intended for that purpose.

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Vehicles used for the carriage of passengers on regular services where the route covered by the service in question does not exceed 50 kilometres. Vehicles with a maximum authorized speed not exceeding 30 kilometres per hour.

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Vehicles used by or under the control of the armed services, civil defence, fire services, and forces responsible for maintaining public order. Vehicles used in connection with the sewerage, flood protection, water, gas and electricity services, highway maintenance and control, refuse collection and disposal, telegraph and telephone services, carriage of postal articles, radio and television broadcasting and the detection of radio or television transmitters or receivers.

Vehicles used in emergencies or rescue operations.

Specialized vehicles used for medical purposes. Vehicles transporting circus and funfair equipment.

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Specialized breakdown vehicles. Vehicles undergoing road tests for technical development, repair or maintenance purposes, and new or rebuilt vehicles which have not yet been put into service.

Vehicles used for non commercial carriage of goods for personal use.

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Vehicles used for milk collection from farms and the return to farms of milk containers or milk products intended for animal feed. Article 3 Application of some provisions of the Agreement to road transport performed by vehicles registered in the territories of non Contracting States 1. Each Contracting Party shall apply in its territory, in respect of international road transport performed by any vehicle registered in the territory of a State which is not a Contracting Party to this Agreement, provisions not less strict than those laid down in articles 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 of this Agreement.

It shall be open to any Contracting Party, in the case of a vehicle registered in a State which is not a Contracting Party to this Agreement, merely to require, in lieu of a control device conforming to the specifications in the annex to this Agreement, daily record sheets, completed manually by the driver.

Article 4 General principles Each Contracting Party may apply higher minima or lower maxima than those laid down in articles 5 to 8 inclusive. Nevertheless, the provisions of this Agreement shall remain applicable to drivers, engaged in svájci mentőberendezések anti aging road transport operations on vehicles registered in another Contracting or non Contracting State.

Article 5 Crews 1. The minimum ages for drivers engaged in the carriage of goods shall be as follows: a for vehicles, including, where appropriate, trailers or semi trailers, having a permissible maximum weight of not more than 7. Contracting Parties shall inform one another of the prevailing national minimum training levels and other relevant conditions relating to drivers svájci mentőberendezések anti aging in international carriage of goods under this Agreement.

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Any driver engaged in the carriage of passengers shall have reached the age of 21 years. Any driver engaged in the carriage of passengers on journeys beyond a 50 kilometre radius from the place where the vehicle is normally based must also fulfil one of the following conditions: a he must have worked for at least one year in the carriage of goods as a driver of vehicles with a permissible maximum weight exceeding 3. Article 6 Driving periods 1.

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It may be extended twice in any one week to ten hours. A driver must, after no more than six daily driving periods, take a weekly rest period as defined in article 8 3.

The weekly rest period may be postponed until the end of the sixth day if the total driving time over the six days does not exceed the maximum corresponding to six daily driving periods.

The total period of driving in any one fortnight shall not exceed ninety hours. Article 7 Breaks 1.

This break may be replaced by breaks of at least fifteen minutes each distributed over the driving period or immediately after this period in such a way as to comply with the provisions of paragraph 1. During these breaks, the driver may not carry out any other work.


The breaks observed under this article may not be regarded as daily rest periods. Article 8 Rest periods 1.

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In each period of twenty four hours, the driver shall have a daily rest period of at least eleven consecutive hours, which may be reduced to a minimum of nine consecutive hours not more than three times in any one week, on condition that an equivalent period of rest be granted as compensation before the end of the following week. On days when the rest is not reduced in accordance with the first subparagraph, it may be taken in two or three separate periods during the twenty four hour period, one of which must be of at least eight consecutive hours.

In this case the minimum length of the rest shall be increased to twelve hours. During each period of thirty hours when a vehicle is manned by at least two drivers, each driver shall have a rest period of not less than eight consecutive hours.