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Olvassa el az els szveget, majd ennek alapjn rtelemszeren egsztse ki az els szveg rvid sszefoglalst a msodik szvegetamelybl nhny informcit kihagytunk. Minden zrjelbe tett szm utn annyi szt kell berni, ahny vonalat az adott helyen tall. A rvid sszefoglalst ki lehet egszteni az els szvegben szerepl, illetve abban nem szerepl, de rtelemszeren odaill szavakkal is. Megoldsait a Vlaszlap 1-re rja.

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A feladat megoldshoz sztrt nem hasznlhat. Els szveg: Homes and Holidays "The palace?

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In booking my annual holiday in India this year, I had decided on a change from the usual round of visits to friends and relatives. My mother, my sons and I would instead play tourist in our native Keralaand check into the classy resorts that have recently appeared around swiss delf dalf anti aging vizsgák state.

I wondered how the place I knew as a kid had become India's No. My parents were born in villages around Kerala. They moved away as teenagers, which meant they kept having to go back to visit. So when my sisters and I were growing up, whether in Bombay or abroad, we always knew where we'd spend our annual family holidays not in some exotic locale like London or the Caribbean but back "home" in rural Kerala.


There we'd grumble about the sadness of village life, the lack of other youngsters, the annoying mosquitoes. My sisters and I each winter round up our American-reared children, fly over the ocean, and head for Kerala, rather self-consciously "renewing our roots" and teaching the new generation some sense of belonging.

This time, however, as we visited our year-old ancestral home in a seemingly timeless village, it was Kerala itself that had changed. Tourism promoters have lately realized the region's exceptional beauty - lush green fields, mild winters, golden beaches.

Since then travelers have come flocking. I worked out our itinerary: five top-class resorts in 15 days. My mother couldn't believe it when I told her.

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It's the one thing palaces are good for in our democratic age - serving as hotels. Kollengode, a tiny town miles from any place, was where she was born. It was unimaginable that I could even step into it, or stay there.

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Visitors were not allowed inside. And now we're going to stay there?


And so it happened. A few weeks ago my mother woke up in a royal bedroom and had her breakfast there. Just down the road, our ancestral village slumbered on, as farmers plowed the fields as their ancestors had done for centuries. I smiled at my mother when she returned from an hourlong massage, which was meant to ease her backache.

A szveg utn hat befejezetlen lltst tall hromhrom lehetsges befejezssel, amelyek kzl az egyetlen helyeset kell kivlasztania.


Megoldsait jellje X-szel a Vlaszlap 1-en tallhat tblzatban. Perhaps its because everyone studied English from the same book at school.

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So all the students say, My family consists of five members. Me, my mother, my father, my brother and my dog And so on. As if all families are exactly the same. Its such a shame, because our families are unique.

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All families have their stories, their dramas, their private jokes, nicknames and phrases. Theyre the place where our personalities were made. How often have you heard someone with young children complain Oh no, I think Im turning into my parents?

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The other day I found myself turning into one of my grandparents. Swiss delf dalf anti aging vizsgák was vörös viszkető szem to get my two-yearold daughter to eat her dinner and I said Thatll make your hair curl.

Now, I dont think that green vegetables give you curly hair, or even that curly hair is a great thing to have.

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Its just a phrase I heard from my Granddad a hundred times when I was small. It had stayed in my mind, halfforgotten, until the time I could use it myself. Families are the most exotic things on earth.

If you dig enough in your own family, youre sure to come up with all the stuff you could want for a great novel. Surprising characters, dramatic or funny stories passed down for generations, or a face from the past you recognise maybe in your own.

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My mother started tracing our family tree a few years ago, not expecting to get far. But, digging in old records and libraries, she got back three hundred years.

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She turned up old stories and a few mysteries. What happened to the big family farm? Where did the family fortune go in the s? More to the point where is it now? Im the traveller in my family, and I like to think I got it from a great-grandfather on my Dads side.

He was an adventurous soul. Dreadful business, they seem to have arrested the King