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Congrats, happy for you! Connie Pretula 2 hónapja The brushes look amazing! How often do you clean your brushes and what do you use to clean them? Melissa Van Steen 2 hónapja You look so wonderful without makeup! Debbie Abutaseh 2 hónapja Got my Angie brush set yesterday and used most of the brushes this morning. These are amazing, and I was way overdo for a brush set update.

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I also ordered the BK brush. Love all of them and look forward to learning more ways to use them. One question Also, what are several options for brush cleaner that you recommend? Thanks for great customer service and great brushes!

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Julie Nordendale 2 hónapja I was wondering the same thing actually. How does Angie wash her brushes, how often and how is she doing it between using different products? Inquiring minds would love to know.

Lori H 2 hónapja Angie I ordered your brush set and received it so fast. This brush set makes putting on makeup so much easier!

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Thank you so much for creating these brushes! A F 2 hónapja Gorgeous look. Those brushes are awesome! Did you regret putting on mascara before your eyeshadow was done?


Kayla McElhannon 2 hónapja Urban decay anti aging primer potion reviews I've been following you for about five years now and, while I never gave up, I became resigned that I would never be able to apply my makeup, especially my foundation and eye shadow anywhere near as beautifully as you.

Now it's just a matter of a little more practice, but the first time using the brushes was so, so much better I couldn't believe it. To anyone who hasn't purchased Angie's new brushes I am absolutely thrilled with how my makeup is looking! I used your brushes for the first time this morning. I absolutely love them. I loved how my eyeshadow came out using them. My mature eyes thank you. Linda Vanwey 2 hónapja Fantastic tutorial. Saving my pennies to purchase the brushes.

Maybe Santa will get them for me doris rodriguez 2 hónapja They are fantastic! Too much! I then bought! So happy! Anti aging házi arcpakolás 50 év felett you tell us how to gently clean them? I must save up to get your brush set!! Judy S 2 hónapja Thanks Angie!


I'm so excited for you! I'll be getting these from my hubby for christmas! Can wait to throw out all my old mish mosh collection of brushes! Diane Phillips 2 hónapja Just got my brushes! Quick question.

How do you suggest to clean? Thanks so much! Diane Phillips 2 hónapja Oh just saw your post. Do you think using purity cleanser by philosophy would be ok? Thank you thank you thank you!!! I was hesitant to buy them because I've never spent that much on a set of brushes before. They are worth every penny. I have just come come back from dinner party and couldn't wait to tell you how many compliments I received.

What did you do? I can't remember they last time I felt this beautiful. I didn't do anything differently except use your brushes and followed your tutorial. Thanks, Angie. You are an amazing person, so knowledgeable.

I hope you eventually have a whole line of cosmetics.

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Lori Pare 2 hónapja Angie, your dramatic eye is stunning! Looks like a Pro applied your look!

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I feel like such a diva using all of my BK brushes everyday. Thank you, Lisa and Angie. I preordered my brushes, they arrived, and I have been using them this week.

Kozmetikai hírek augusztus fotó vélemények

I love them! They are so luxurious. Finally, brushes I can easily use for various eye applications.

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The blush brush I also use as for contour right under my cheekbone. Then an easy, quick, soft blend out.

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It looked like a small ponytail and the tip would reach back into my deep set eye crease. The fuller sides of the ponytail would lay down shadow on the upper and lower area of my crease. I have not found a brush to replace it until the Angie