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They were from the outset designed to destroy American aircraft carriers by other and more modern means than Stalin's traditional attachment to conventional artillery.

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This position was very mush argued and pushed foward tirelessly by Admiral Kuznetsov. He wanted a technological edge to compensate for the lack of classic firepower. What was left of the Soviet Navy in WW2 has been destroyed during the conflict and the s generation was still very much conventional.

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The missile, pioneered by German engineers notably during the last decade, was now clearly the way forward, rather than raining down shells on a distant target, more difficult to see beyond 40 km. Today it's part of the huge Russian Tactical Missiles Corporation.

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  • Kynda class missile cruisers () - Project 58)
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Formely a division of the Mikoyan-Gurevich design bureau, it was made independent as an OKB or design bureau in Anti aging krém sárkányfészek ; but started development of missile way before. By default of a nuclear warhread, the kg was reputed able to severely damage an aircraft carrier.

Each TU carried two under the wings and they were almost as large as a MiG Genesis of the Kynda class cruisers The appearance of the project 58 missile cruisers in the Soviet Navy resulted from the will of Soviet naval leadership to find an asymmetric weapon able to re-establish a balance.

Missiles were destined to compensate for the only response to USN Isa knox anti aging Forces, coastal-based aircraft, easy to shot down.


Work started on the future "Kreiser" in By December 6,the head of the Navy S. Gorshkov approved the defined tactical and technical requirements for a guided missile destroyer. Earlier in October development started on the Volna and P air defense systems, which can be installed on the future ships as well, providing a welcome protection.

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Nikitin and the first draft was approved in Septemberisa knox anti aging by the Navy's Shipbuilding Department order for further development prepared by March The first batch's blueprints stated "ships with jet weapons", a vague wording highlighting the ambiguity of the classification.

Its semi-experimental nature also reflected the attitude of the leadership and preferrence back then towards cruisers. Fromthe mismatch between tactical objectives and armament was further discussed in the fleet's hierachy and final classification of project 58 was stopped by 22, Khrushchev was then indeed paying a visit to Grozny, and the first successful missile firing took place. Therefore by November 4,the enthusiasm of the new leader made for a definitive classification as a "missile cruiser".

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Blueprints were prepared to built no less than sixteen Project 58 cruisers, whereas eventually only four were built, one for each fleets Baltic, Pacific, Arctic, Black sea. This was notably caused by a priority change, directed towards anti-submarine warfare.

Specifications of the Kynda class Differences between the ships before and after the s refit. The most obvious are the four new Gatling-style guns mounted on a bay covering the sides of the forward bridge.

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Notice also a new antenna on the mainmast, new superstructure alongside the aft mast and added structure with AA gun in between masts and TT banks. Unknown origin, Pinterest. Propulsion The powerplant was a new system alike the Kashin-class, combining turbines powered by four supercharged boilers.

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Due to reduced hull size, this powerplant was "only" able to give these ships a speed of 34 knots. The arrangement combined a boiler and a turbine placed in echelon principle in two machine rooms. There was a great innovation as for the first time high-pressure boilers used a newly-developed turbocharged pressurization.

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It was made by conceding efficiency at small and medium speeds. It was ideal for these rather small "cruisers".

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The while machinery could be controlled remotely from pressurized cabins as well. Onboard electricity was obtained from two TD turbogenerators kW connected to two DG diesel generators kW eachgenerating a V three-phase alternating current. They were long-range nm vectors, and their launching tube could be refilled by eight other vectors stored in back superstructure containers.

Bár picit húzós az ára a cell esszenciának, mégis most egy nagy kedvencem. Több kozmetikai márka próbált már hasonlót piacra dobni, egy olcsóbb verziót, mégis azért az "igazi a jó". Megtisztítja az arcot a finom portól, de akár a másnapi sminkre is jól felkészíti az arcot.

In fact, the bridge was built above them. On paper this was a double volley of 24 vectors, which was formidable, but reloading operations took time and care in good sea conditions only. SS-N-3 mssiles could be loaded in addition with a tactical or conventional nuclear warhead.

This was in the end, a combined operation. Cruiser Varyag in The P anti-ship missile system was developed at OKB later Raduga design bureaua version of the P-6 anti-ship missile developed for submarines.

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The P was heavier, longer and larger, but did not possessed an air intake and conical body. The P35 was 9. It was down to kg wen hitting the target. It carried a kg warhead, including a TNT load of kg. One of fourth missile was given a tactical nuclear warhead.

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Altitude and speed settings were possible, eitherand m high, and to km range, flying at 1. Guidance was done at first by the ship's operator, and there was one was controlling each missile in homing mode, so eight operators total.

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The extra missiels were considered in fact as a reserve, not specifically to deliver two volleys, as confidence in these early guidance systems and operations was low, as well as accuracy at long distances. The operators followed their vector after isa knox anti aging by using Binom radar antennas, turned after some distance to a guiding radar, providing data to the operator, analyzing the radar image which still could send instructions in fight for correction courses.