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The two villages of Lenzerhedide and Valbella which make up the resort were once separated by the Heidsee Lake, but expansion along the lakeside has seen the two areas virtually merge into each other. As much a summer as winter destination, both resorts are long-established and traditional. Hotels are built in the traditional Swiss style and their setting is stunning with lake, woodland and mountain views.

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Set in a high altitude valley at m the area is a real playground offering a wide range of summer and winter activities. Aside from alpine pistes Lenzerheide-Valbella has more than 50km of prepared cross-country tracks and more than 85km of signposted hiking paths for the pleasure of long winter rambles. Lenzerheide first became popular as a summer holiday destination and really took off in with the converstaion of the old dairy into the bed Hotel Kurhaus.

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The Old Post, now the Hotel Danis, did appear earlier but there were no guest rooms, only four beds for cattle traders and travelling merchants. During that first summer the Kurhaus took in a total of 13 guests but word soon got out and the following summer every bed was booked for the entire season.

The little San Carlo Church founded the core of the town in and the Hotel Lenzerhorn was next to appear a couple of years later.

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The main complex of the Grand Hotel Kurhaus was erected in and it was Mr and Mrs Cantieni from the Kurhaus who made an investigative trip and returned convinced that Lenzerdeide was the ideal location for a wintersports resort. The first funicular tram was svájci tiefencastel anti aging in the Val Sporz area leading up to Tgantieni and even during WW2 a ski lift was built to the top of Piz Scalottas.

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With the installation of the aerial tramway to the peak of Rothorn in and the inauguration of the Grisons highest elevation aerial tramway on Christmas Dayboth flanks of the valley were made accessible to tourists.